Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

History Speaks: Wisconsin Archaeology and Rock Art

Did you know there was a whole civilization along the Mississippi River a millennium ago? The August 26 installment of History Speaks will address two major discoveries: Rock Art from the earliest people in Wisconsin, and the remains of a 1,000-year-old settlement at Trempealeau. Also, the speakers will offer to identify ancient Native artifacts, beginning at 1 pm before the 2 pm talk. 

History Speaks: Tibet: Culture & Conflict on the Roof of the World

The small country of Tibet lies along the border of China, and is under pressure from that giant neighbor.Rick Lohr will explain the tension in that region in our September installment of History Speaks at the Woodson History Center.

Vintage Games 21+ Nights

Don't forget our 21-and-older version of Vintage Game Night, first Thursdays (except July)  at Limerick's Public House!

Preserve your family memories: Join our I Remember When club

Yesterday is gone, and maybe some of those memories are fading, too. Your stories are important - to you, to your family, and to your community! Our new opportunity will help preserve some of those memories!

Intergenerational Fun with Vintage Board Games

Everyone is welcome to our Vintage Board Game Nights at the Woodson History Center. Fourth Friday evenings in 2018.